Transfer money and win

Transfer through our Digital Banking Services and enter the draw to win the value of your remittance up to USD 1,000!

Our Digital Banking Services (ATM service, Phone Banking Service “Hala Arabi”, Internet Banking Service “Arabi Online” and “Arabi Mobile” Application for Smartphones and tablets) will allow you to view balances and details of your accounts and transfer funds between your accounts or other accounts in addition to a host of other banking services that you can conduct easily and securely wherever you are and whenever you want.

And now, you can enter the draw to win the value of your local or international transfers up to USD 1,000 (One monthly winner).

That’s not all, you will get a 50% discount on fees and charges on transfers related to Arab Bank if executed through our Digital Banking Services.

Why wait? Subscribe today to our Digital Banking Services and start using them to be one of the lucky winners.

The Campaign’s Terms and Conditions:

1. Campaign period is from 23rd of March to 31st August 2017.
2. Eligible customers are individual(s).
3. Each Customer may win only once during the campaign period .
4. Eligible customers must execute at least one transfer (Between Arab Bank accounts, local or abroad) through ATM , Hala Arabi, Arabi Online or Mobile application (Arabi Mobile).
5. Chances of each transaction as follows:
a. Transfer between AB accounts: 1 chance per 2 transfers (maximum 20 chances).
b. Local transfers (inside Palestine): 1 chance per transfer.
c. Abroad transfers (outside Palestine): 2 chances per transfer.
6. Winners Selection will be randomly based on draw.
7. Transfers are subject to fees and commissions (if any)
8. The prize is subject to Income and Sales tax or any other deductions (If any).
9. One winner will be selected each month to win a cash back ( transfer amount up to 1000 USD) which will be deposited into his/her account.
10. The bank reserves the right to decide the eligible Customers based on the most accurate information available at the time of decision and the bank’s decision in this regards will be final.
11. The prizes are not transferable at all.
12. Arab Bank employees are not included in the campaign
13. winners will be announced on our social media in the first week of each month.