Personal Banking

White Collar Loans


Without Salary


White Collar

Credit Line

A special program that gives the opportunity to offer personal cash loans for white collar professionals, according to the table below:


CEO's of companies accredited by the bank

Prime Surgeons  

Doctors, Engineers, Pharmacists, Dentists, and Lab Technicians

Maximum amount of loan offered (JD)




General features for these loans are: 

  • Client’s average monthly income should not be less than 1500 JD.
  • Client should submit an account statement for a period of not less than 6 months.
  • The amount of loan offered should not exceed 50% of the client’s expected annual income.

Guarantees required: (One of the following guarantees should be available and the decision of accepting the guarantee is based on the branch Credit Committee's decision)

  • Personal guarantors 
  • Vehicle mortgage 
  • Stock mortgage 
  • Or any other guarantees accepted by the bank

How to Apply
  • Through our Online Application Form
  • Contact our Call Center on 1800-333-333
  • Visit any of our branches (visit our Branch Locator page here)

For more information please call our Customer Contact Center through Hala Arabi service at 1 800 333 333 for Paltel and Jawwal subscribers or +970 2 295 3333 for international callers and other telecom companies subscribers.