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Jeel Al Arabi Account… Together for an outstanding future!

Instilling the sense of saving and financial awareness in your kids is an essential step towards securing their financial future. With the new "Jeel Al Arabi" Account we have put together a bundle of value-added benefits designed specially to make saving an exciting experience for your kids and a complete peace of mind for you.

So no matter what plans and ambitions you have for your children’s future, the new "Jeel Al Arabi" Account is the right starting point.

  • Savings account in approved currencies
  • Free of Charge standing transfer orders from the parents’ account to “Jeel Al Arabi” Account 
  •  No subscription fees
  • Monthly draws on 3 iPad Air devices for 3 lucky winners
  • Monthly cash prizes each for USD 100 with the standing transfer orders from the parents’ account(s) to “Jeel Al Arabi" account
  • Semi-annual draws on 4 fully-paid trips to Euro Disney – Paris
  • Free ATM deposit card
  • Special welcome gifts on account opening
  • Free Direct Banking Services for the Guardian 

Join us today so that you and your kids can enjoy the value and excitement of saving with the "Jeel Al Arabi" account! 

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  • The account balance must be over the minimum required balance by the bank and on any day of the month to enter the draw.
  • The account must be active at least two weeks before the date of calculating the chances to enter the draw
  • The number of chances is calculated based on the average balance during the month., The balance is divided by 20 and the output is rounded to the lowest number.

Required Documents*

  • Valid Identification Document
  • Valid Residency Document
  • Birth Certificate or Identification Document for Minors
  • Utility Bill (Electricity, Water...)
  • Leasing Contract 

How to Apply

* Terms & conditions of the product and savings accounts apply.

For more information please call our Customer Care Center at 1800333333 for Paltel , Jawwal and Ooredoo subscribers or +970 2 295 3333 for international callers and other telecom companies subscribers.