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Save money with the “e-Tawfeer” service through "Arabi Mobile” app

Arab Bank offers you the “e-Tawfeer “ service, which allows you to save money online easily and conveniently through “Arabi Mobile” app, in addition to a host of benefits including:

  • Additional reward points with “Arabi Points” program
  • The ability to set the saving plan according to your needs and goals, and the option to modify your plans at any time
  • "e-Tawfeer” account is available via “Arabi Mobile” app only in USD, JOD and NIS currencies

How to open an “e-Tawfeer” account?

Any Arab Bank customer is eligible to open one “e-Tawfeer” savings account within their main account through “Arabi Mobile” app by following these steps:

  • Log into your “Arabi Mobile” app
  • Select “More”
  • Select “Products and Programs”
  • Select “e-Tawfeer”Create an “e-Tawfeer” account and start saving!

Saving made easier and more rewarding with the “e-Tawfeer” service …

“e-Tawfeer” Welcome* Points
200 welcome points upon opening an “e-Tawfeer” account and funding it.
*Each customer can only receive welcome points once for “e-Tawfeer” account.

“e-Tawfeer” Deposit* Transactions Points
10 points for every USD 50 (or equivalent in other currencies) deposited** in “e-Tawfeer” account.
*You can only receive a maximum of 200 points monthly.
**If the customer makes more than one debit transaction per month, no addition points will be earned during that month.

“e-Tawfeer” Balance* Points
The following points will be earned upon reaching certain balance thresholds** as detailed below:



USD 500

200 Points

USD 1,000

350 Points

USD 2,500

500 Points

USD 5,000

700 Points

USD 10,000

900 Points

USD 15,000

1,100 Points

USD 20,000

1,300 Points

USD 25,000

1,500 Points

*If the customer makes any debit transactions during the month, no points will be earned during this month.
**Each customer can only receive the related balance threshold points once every year.

To view the terms & conditions please click here

For more information, please call our Customer Care Center at 022953333

Download and install “Arabi Mobile” app through: