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The “Transactional Kiosk” is one of the latest digital services which provides you with a host of non-financial services and allows you to request some of our products and services and receive these instantly to save your time and effort.

where you can:

  • Issue your main Debit /ATM card instantly
  • Renew your main Debit/ATM card instantly
  • Apply for a new supplementary Debit/ATM card to be collected later from any of the transactional kiosks*
  • Issue account statements instantly

Locations of the “Transactional Kiosks”:



Al Rihan Branch

Ramallah - Al Rihan - Lacasa mall

Self Service Branch – Al Tireh

Ramallah - Al Tireh main streen - Al Bazzar Commercial center

Nablus Branch

Nablus - Main circle

 Rawabi Branch Ramallah - Rawabi- Q- Center
Beit Jala Branch  Beit Jala - Al sahel street 

The Transactional Kiosk can be accessed either through your Debit/ATM card, the Finger Vein Recognition Service or Access code generated from Arabi Mobile.

*The supplementary card issuance will need 2 working days to be approved

Bank’s Terms & Conditions apply.